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Our team provides a full range of marketing services and specializes in research in the following business areas:

retail (FMCG, DIY and garden products, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelery, furniture and household goods, children's goods, footwear and clothing, and other retail segments), including distance trading. We will conduct an analysis of the retail market, provide results of monitoring retail prices in retail chains.
transport-logistical services (logistic outsourcing), including cargo transportation by rail, road, sea, inland water and air transport, cargo handling in ports, forwarding, warehousing and 3PL-services. The analysis of the TML market is our usual task, we are well-oriented in the situation, our data and analytics you can trust.
analysis of foreign trade statistics, dynamics and structure of export and import freight flows of the Russian Federation (according to the commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities, the exporting country and recipient countries, under the terms of delivery, the sign of containerization, modes of transport at the border, etc.). Preparation of reference material on foreign trade of the Russian Federation with individual countries and associations.
industrial markets (automotive and food industry, agriculture)
business planning
We are ready to offer you as ready-made studies and business plans, and to conduct research / business plan individually according to your order. At the heart of research and business plans are only qualitative analytics. Data to be trusted.

Our products:
Analytical review of the market (its volume, structure, segmentation, sales channels, trends, forecast and development prospects)
Subscription customer service (analytical outsourcing)
Monitoring of prices for goods / services
Monitoring and forecasting
Survey of consumers of services or goods (online / offline)
Expert poll
Audit of retail outlets / warehouses / retail spaces
Company reference, competitive analysis,
Development of strategies (marketing, logistics, general) from scratch, audit of the current strategy with development and identification of priority areas for development
The business plan for investors, for submission to the bank

Scheme of marketing research

Stages of the process of marketing research can be formulated as follows:

1) definition of the problem and objectives of the study;

2) development of a research plan;

3) implementation of the research plan;

4) interpretation of the results obtained and bringing them to the management.

This is a general scheme of marketing research, but individual schemes are formed for the study of individual components depending on the characteristics of marketing elements, for example, the study of goods, prices, consumers, the market, etc. is carried out according to their schemes or algorithms.

Computerization of marketing research
To solve complex operational problems, processing of primary and secondary data on the state of the real market situation is carried out with the help of a PC. To this end,

marketing information systems, which include personnel, equipment and procedures designed to collect, process, analyze and distribute reliable information for preparing and making marketing decisions.

To automate the statistical processing of marketing information, various software is used. At present, for computer science and practical pharmacy, computer technologies of various orientations have been developed, among them:

• ACS - automated control systems, in particular for the automation of accounting and reporting in pharmaceutical organizations, the management of drug supply, etc .;

• And the PS - information retrieval systems, including on drugs "Clifar"; for the legal provision of medical and pharmaceutical activities, IPS Consultant Plus is used;

• Workstations - automated workplaces, including automation of the dispenser-organizer, work on licensing and accreditation, etc .; for carrying out of marketing researches and the marketing analysis, including software products on statistical processing of the information, forecasting and mathematical modeling of tendencies of demand, sales;

• PCs are used to monitor sales, drug prices, conduct ABC analysis, prepare lists of vital and essential drugs, etc.

In order to make marketing decisions to strengthen the market positions of a product, including medical and pharmaceutical products, it is necessary to conduct a marketing audit.

Marketing audit is an audit, detection of weaknesses in the organization's marketing concept, i.e. Audit is a method of monitoring the activities of an organization.

Marketing audit is subject to the environment, the external market environment and the company's own marketing activities, which consists of a marketing mix or 4P: product, price, place, goods and promotion.

An analysis of these constituent marketing organizations is often carried out through market research using a variety of methods.

For the marketing research of the goods, there is a set of concepts and methods that apply to the ITF.

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We work with trusted partners, update and update data every year and make sure that the choice of available research is as wide as possible.

But there are narrow niches, specific markets, non-standard tasks for which there are no ready-made solutions. For example, you need a business plan for opening a network of contact zoos near the metro or an overview of the Russian game miniatures market. For such requests there are customized solutions.

If you want to get a study that will meet all your needs, the BUYMARKETREPOSRTS.COM Market Research Agency will conduct it yourself or offer a verified author specializing in your subject matter.

Information that you need

Individual marketing research will be made specifically for your request. Preparation time and cost will be calculated individually for each client.

Expensive? We will figure out how to make it cheaper

By adjusting the composition and objectives of the study, we will help you find the actual data set that will fit the budget.

Fast and easy

How to order a study? Leave us your contacts and fill out the form. We will contact you in any convenient way for you to clarify details.

Why us?

The marketing agency BUYMARKETREPOSRTS.COM has been operating since 2001. During this time we have done research for different companies: Siemens, ROLF, Lukoil, Organizing Committee Fifa 2018, X5 Retail Group, Omega Center NAO (Formula 1), IKEA and many others.

We have our own development in the field of consulting and marketing. We employ candidates of science and graduates with deep knowledge in specific sectors of the economy.


We are leading agency on market reports sales. More than 10000 market researches in our data base. 


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