MARKETING PURPOSE - is a specific result, qualitative or quantitative, achieved in a certain time period. The purpose of marketing should have such properties as concreteness, reachability, ranking, controllability, assume the deadline and the person in charge. The purpose of marketing - the result of the marketing strategy, and its tool. In relation to sellers and manufacturers, the goal of marketing is to improve demand for the highest possible profit in the long run. On a temporary basis, there are three types of marketing objectives - short-term, medium-term and long-term.

From a consumer-oriented marketing perspective, the goal of marketing can be to:
- achieving maximum consumption (the goal of marketing is to maximize the levels of production and consumption and, consequently, the welfare of society);
- achieving maximum customer satisfaction (the goal of marketing, according to which marketing helps to increase customer satisfaction, and not just contributes to increased consumption);
- ensuring the widest possible choice (the goal of marketing, according to which marketing should give consumers the opportunity to find a product that fully satisfies their needs and meets their tastes);
- the maximum high quality of life (the purpose of marketing, which consists in the fact that, along with the quality, quantity and variety of available goods, it provides quality

The goal of marketing, oriented towards the manufacturer, looks more traditional, and may consist in the growth of sales volumes, increase of the company's income, image. To formulate the goal of marketing is possible in two ways - authoritarian and expert. goals by the head of a group of experts, specialists during the study, study and subsequent discussion of the main problems of the company.