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Marketing research is the systematic collection, documentation and analysis of data on various aspects of marketing activities.

The purpose of marketing research is to create an information and analytical base for making management decisions. A generalized scheme of marketing research is presented in the work of F. Kotler and co-authors (1998).


 Marketing Research Scheme

 Marketing Research Scheme

The stages of the marketing research process can be formulated as follows (E. Golubkov, 2001):

1) the definition of the problem and the objectives of the study;

2) development of a research plan;

3) implementation of the research plan;

4) interpretation of the results and bring them to the leadership.

This is a general scheme of marketing research, but for studying individual components, individual schemes are formed depending on the characteristics of marketing elements, for example, the study of goods, prices, consumers, the market, etc., is carried out according to its own schemes or algorithms.

Computerization of marketing research
To solve complex operational problems, the processing of primary and secondary data on the state of the real market situation is carried out using a PC. For this purpose are created

marketing information systems, which include personnel, equipment and procedures designed to collect, process, analyze and distribute reliable information for the preparation and adoption of marketing decisions.

In order to automate the statistical processing of marketing information, various software is used. Currently, for computer science and practical pharmacy, various computer technologies have been developed, including:

• ACS - automated control systems, in particular for the automation of accounting and reporting in pharmaceutical organizations, drug supply management, etc .;

• And PS - information retrieval systems, including on “Clifar”; for legal support of medical and pharmaceutical activities, the Consultant Plus IPS is used;

• AWP - automated workplaces, including automation of the work of the pharmacist-organizer, work on licensing and accreditation, etc .; for marketing research and marketing analysis, including software products for statistical processing of information, forecasting and mathematical modeling of demand and sales trends;

• PCs are used to monitor sales, prices of drugs, conduct ABC analysis, in preparing lists of essential and essential drugs, etc.

In order to make marketing decisions to strengthen the market position of a product, including medical and pharmaceutical products, it is necessary to conduct a marketing audit.

Marketing audit is an audit, the discovery of weaknesses in the organization’s marketing concept, i.e. audit is a method of control over the organization’s activities._

The marketing audit includes the environment, the external market environment and the organization’s own marketing activities, which consist of a marketing mix or 4P: product (product), price (price), location, product distribution (promotion).

The analysis of these components of the marketing organization is often carried out with the help of marketing research using various methods.

For marketing research of goods there is a set of concepts and methods that are applied to the ITF.