Pervasive marketing philosophy
Marketing philosophy
If you are lucky enough to familiarize yourself with the narration "about politics and the shovel," then you already know that it will be a question of marketing policy. And if you agree that marketing is understood as a management philosophy, business management in market conditions, proclaiming the orientation of all the company's activities, starting with production to meet the needs of specific consumers, it will remain to understand what marketing policy in the company.

In the writings of the unforgettable classic of political economy, we read about politics, which is a superstructure over the economy. In other words, the primary economy, and politics, only serves and justifies the economy.

With marketing policy otherwise. Marketing is such a management philosophy, following which, solving customer problems by effectively meeting their needs leads to the success of an organization and benefits society.

Notes by a practicing marketer Marketing is defined as a complete system designed to plan the range and volume of products produced, determine prices, distribute products among selected markets and stimulate their sales so that the diversity of benefits achieved thus leads to meeting the interests of both producers and consumers. This definition has a rather broad meaning, since it also covers the activities of non-profit organizations.

The pervasive marketing philosophy speaks with conviction about marketing - as a system of thinking and worldview.

What in practice?
Notes marketer practicing
In a large number of companies that I have encountered, everything is not so textually correct. In these companies, marketing is a set of customer manipulations that explain why he (the customer) should certainly buy Our product, whose market properties are far from market perfection.
What is this wrong marketing? And what is the task of a marketer in such companies: shouting about the wrong marketing, poking a guide in marketing textbooks, and, as a result, looking for a new job?
Not at all. They say that if everything seems to be wrong around you need to delve into yourself. Let's try.
Marketing, as a set of management techniques, management develops with the market, with the company, then there are several degrees (stages) of marketing development:

distribution marketing - marketing based on trading activities (sales, sales, transportation, advertising, etc.);
functional marketing - a system of organizational measures related to the production and sale, market research, sales promotion, pricing policy; management marketing is a market concept for managing the creation, production and sale of goods, where the basis of any management decisions is market information.
From the above it is obvious that there are 3 types, three methods of marketing:

product-oriented marketing, a product or a service;
consumer-oriented marketing to a particular clientele;
integrated marketing.
Thus, an attempt by a marketer without taking into account the phased development of a company and the degree of marketing development in a company to declare the need to integrate marketing into all areas and structures of a company will only lead to conflicts, both with management and internal conflict from dissatisfaction with the inability to apply what was “taught” .