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World market of ferrous metals

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The study is devoted to the description of the international and Russian market of ferrous metals and iron ore. The main characteristics of the markets are considered: iron ore, steel, cast iron and direct reduced iron, including an assessment of production, consumption and development forecast. The report includes a description of the forecast model and stages of development of the ferrous metals market, the market structure of each product of ferrous metallurgy is given. The characteristics of the ferrous metals market in the context of the global financial crisis, as well as the international experience of companies in overcoming its consequences are given.

The report consists of 4 sections in accordance with the types of products. The structure of the description of each metal contains data on the international and Russian markets, as well as the markets of the CIS countries, which includes production and consumption by continents and countries, the calculated market balance, data on the main players, with a description and main characteristics of these companies. In each section, special attention is paid to Russian imports and exports of metals under study.

The key indicators characterizing the position of industries are the data on the financial and economic activities of the largest market players. The analysis was conducted on the most important indicators of property status, such as the value of assets in dynamics and indicators of operating and non-operating activities: revenue from sales, cost of production and net profit.

The report includes a comparative analysis of the prices of analyzed metals over a period of several years, and expert forecasts from leading analytical agencies were also considered.

The review will be useful primarily to ferrous metals producers, whose activities are mentioned in this report, to companies related to the ferrous metals market: equipment suppliers, buyers, processors of products in higher divisions.

The study was conducted in June-July 2009.

The volume of the report - 124 p.

The report contains 73 tables and 68 graphs and charts.

The report language is Russian.

Categories: Industry / Metallurgy / Ferrous metallurgy

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