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Analysis of the world market of transport cylinders: 2005-2014

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At present, approximately 30% of the world production of automobile gas cylinders is accounted for Argentina and Pakistan. Slightly smaller shares in total production are Brazil and Iran. In 2009, global production of transport cylinders amounted to more than 1 million units.

The market of transport cylinders is quite dynamically developing in many countries of the world. In the near future, the growth of the world market of transport cylinders will be about 9% per year.

The report “Analysis of the world market of transport cylinders: 2005-2014” includes the most important data necessary for understanding the current market situation and assessing the prospects for its development:

• Overall assessment of the current economic situation in the world

• Cost structure for the production and sale of transport cylinders

• Sales and market capacity, balance of supply and demand of transport cylinders

• Population size, fleet size of the GBA and average consumption consumption per GBU unit

• Volume of foreign and domestic trade in transport cylinders

• Volume of production, import, export, storage balances of transport cylinders

• Price of import and export of transport cylinders

BusinesStat regularly analyzes the market for transport cylinders in all countries of the world, including Russia.

The report provides current data and forecasts for the world as a whole and for 15 countries of the world: Argentina, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Iran, Italy, China, Colombia, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine.

Along with the world market review, you can purchase a separate report on Russia, where the data is detailed by region of the country.

In preparing the report, official statistics were used:

• Worldwide NGV Statistics

• United Nations Statistics Division

• Commodity Trade Statistics

• Eurostat

• National Agencies and Compendia

• Index Mundi

• Industrial Commodity Statistics

• International Trade Center

• Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

•          International Monetary Fund

Along with the official statistics, the report contains the results of the international research of BusinesStat:

• Survey of retail buyers of transport cylinders

• Audit of wholesale transport cylinders

• Survey of transport cylinder market experts

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