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Market analysis of humates, Russia and the world

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This report contains analysis of the Russian humate market, benchmarking analysis in Europe and Asia. A consumer analysis was carried out and a customer portrait was described (by major groups). An analysis of competitors and a description of their activities. The structure of exports and imports in the country and the world has been evaluated. An assessment of competitive advantages. Seasonality in business is described.

Excerpts from the text:

... Nowadays all over the world the interest in fertilizers of the humate type has sharply increased

... In Russia, for example, the area on which humic preparations are used is more than x million hectares. With an average consumption rate of x, xl per hectare, the volume of the market in Russia is x, x million tons of humate ...

... Domestic agricultural producers use organic fertilizers only on x% of arable land. After xx years, this share will increase to xx% of the area of ​​all farmland ...

... The peculiarity of the Russian market of mineral fertilizers is the low level of demand, which currently covers about xx% of the output. In the last decade, there has been a positive trend ...

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