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World and Russian Mineral Fertilizers Market - 2016

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Marketing research of the market of mineral fertilizers contains a comprehensive analysis of the global and Russian market of mineral fertilizers in the context of the following segments:

nitrogen fertilizers

phosphate fertilizers

potash fertilizers


Analysis of the world market of mineral fertilizers presents data on the volumes of production, import and export in physical and monetary terms. The report presents both general data over the last 6 years and data on the main countries of importers and exporters, highlighting the place and share of the Russian Federation. The forecast of the development of the world market of mineral fertilizers (by type) until 2019 is presented.

The Russian market of mineral fertilizers is estimated as the balance of domestic production and the volume of imported fertilizers minus exports. The data is presented in dynamics over the past 9 years and up to 7M 2016, a forecast of the market volume until 2018 is given.

The report contains profiles of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers (company profile, product range, financial statements): OJSC URALKALI, OJSC PhosAgro-Cherepovets, OJSC AKRON, OJSC NAK AZOT, OJSC NEVNNOMYSSKY AZOT, OJSC AZOT ".

When analyzing the Russian market of mineral fertilizers, the volumes of trade with the countries of the Customs Union, which significantly affect the volume and structure of the Russian market, are taken into account.


Analyze the world market of mineral fertilizers:

Volume and dynamics of production;

Volume and dynamics of imports;

Volume and dynamics of export.

Provide a forecast of global mineral fertilizer demand for 2015-2019.

To consider the production of mineral fertilizers in Russia as a whole and in the context of the following segments:

Nitrogen fertilizers;

Phosphate fertilizers;

Potash fertilizers.

 The report presents data on the main producers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and their market shares.

To determine the main parameters of the mineral fertilizer industry:

Proceeds from the sale of products of the mineral fertilizer industry;

Volumes of investment in the industry;

The number of employees in the industry.

To characterize the export of mineral fertilizers, including the main types:

Export of nitrogen fertilizers;

Export of potash fertilizers;

Export of complex fertilizers.

Assess the import of mineral fertilizers to the Russian market, including by main types:

Import of nitrogen fertilizers;

Import of potash fertilizers;

Import of complex mineral fertilizers.

To analyze the consumption of mineral fertilizers in Russia;

To study the producer prices for the main types of mineral fertilizers.


According to the forecast ***, in the period from 2014 to 2019, the global consumption of fertilizers will grow by an average of ***% per year, which is generally slightly lower than the growth rate recorded in the last decade.

The bulk of the industry's revenue comes from the Perm region - ***%. In 2015, the proceeds from the production of mineral fertilizers in the Perm Krai amounted to *** billion rubles.

In 2015, growth increased and, according to estimates, the volume of investments in fixed assets amounted to *** mln. Rubles, which is ***% more than in 2015.

In Russia, the production of various types of mineral fertilizers is fairly balanced: in 2015, the share of nitrogen fertilizers accounted for ***% of the fertilizers produced, phosphate fertilizers - ***%, and potash fertilizers - ***%.

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