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Alternative Energy: World Market 2012

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This study is devoted to the description of the global market for alternative energy. The study examines the main characteristics of the market, including an assessment of the volume of the market and its development trends. The report provides an analysis of the current state and prospects of the main types of energy based on renewable sources, namely: solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy, small hydropower, geothermal energy, tidal and wave energy, hydrogen energy.

The study includes basic information about the level of development of the renewable energy industry in the world, including statistical data on the dynamics of the global installed energy capacity of facilities based on renewable energy sources and forecasts of their growth in the coming years.

A separate section is devoted to the consideration of the world experience of state stimulating the development of alternative energy. The costs of installing a unit of power for energy facilities on the basis of various types of renewable energy sources, the cost of energy produced and the payback period of such projects are analyzed. The key indicators and plans for the development of renewable energy in the countries leading on the world market for renewable energy have been considered. A brief overview of the most interesting trends and the latest technological developments has been made.

The study was conducted in July-September 2012.

Report volume - 79 pages.

The report contains 22 tables and 36 graphs and charts.

The report language is Russian.

Categories: Industry / Power Industry / Alternative Energy

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