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Analysis of the global market for petroleum products in 2008-2012, forecast for 2013-2017

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According to the calculations of BusinesStat, in 2008-2012, sales of petroleum products in the world increased by 13.7%: from 3.2 to 3.6 billion tons. Oil products are widely used in various sectors of the economy: transport, electric power, utilities, chemical and other industries industry.

In the coming years, relatively high oil prices will lead to a decrease in its share among the primary energy sources. The share of hybrid and electric motors will grow.

However, despite the decline in the share of oil in the energy balance, in absolute terms, sales will continue to grow. According to analysts, in 2013-2017, sales of petroleum products in the world will grow by an average of 1.6% per year and reach 3.9 billion tons in 2017.

Growth factors in global sales in the coming years will be: the development of the transport industry, the growth of motorization, as well as the positive dynamics of production in countries with developing economies.

In 2008-2012, on average, about 33% of all petroleum product sales in the world accounted for diesel fuel. The second place in terms of this indicator was motor gasoline - about 25% of sales. The share of fuel oil accounted for about 13% of all sales, the share of jet fuel - about 7%. The remaining share accounted for stove kerosene and other petroleum products.

In 2013-2017, diesel and gasoline will show the highest growth rates in sales due to the development of the transport industry, in particular, maritime transport. Fuel oil sales will decline. In electric power industry, fuel oil will be gradually replaced by gas, and in maritime transport - by diesel fuel.

"Analysis of the global market for petroleum products in 2008-2012, the forecast for 2013-2017" includes the most important data necessary for understanding the current situation on the world market and assessing the prospects for its development:

• Economy and population

• Production of petroleum products

• Sales of petroleum products

• External and internal trade in petroleum products

• Import and export of petroleum products

• Foreign trade prices of petroleum products

The review provides current data for 240 countries of the world and a forecast for the 25 leading countries of the world market for petroleum products.

In the review information is detailed by types of petroleum products:

• Motor gasoline

•          Diesel fuel

• Fuel Oil

• Aviation fuel

• stove kerosene

• Other petroleum products

In preparing the review used statistical information:

• Energy Information Administration

• United Nations Statistics Division

• Commodity Trade Statistics

• Eurostat

• Industrial Commodity Statistics

• International Trade Center

• International Monetary Fund

• Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

• World Trade Organization

Along with the official statistics, the review contains the results of BusinesStat research:

• Analysis of open information on the oil and oil products market

• Survey of experts of the oil and oil products market

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