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Analysis of the global hazelnut market in 2011-2015, the forecast for 2016-2020

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In 2011-2015, world imports of hazelnuts decreased by 1.6%: from 236.0 thousand tons to 232.1 thousand tons. An increase in imports in the world was observed only in 2013, in the other years of the period there was a decrease in the indicator. The largest drop in import volumes was noted in 2014 - by 10.5% compared to 2013. The reason for this was the growth in world prices for hazelnuts, due to crop failure in Turkey: in 2014, the average price of imports of hazelnuts increased by 27.3% compared to 2013 d. Another reason for the decline in imports in the five-year period under consideration was a trend towards an increase in the internal processing of hazelnuts in such producing countries as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Chile.

The main importers of hazelnuts in the world in 2015 were Germany, Italy and France. In 2015, the share of Germany in world imports of hazelnuts was 28.1%, Italy - 18.8%, France - 8.8%. It is also necessary to note the significant volumes of hazelnuts imported to such countries as Belgium (5.4% of the world imports), Canada (4.9%), Switzerland (3.9%) and Russia (3.2%). At the end of 2015, these countries accounted for 72.9% of the total world imports of hazelnuts.

In 2016, according to estimates by BusinesStat, world imports of hazelnuts are expected to decline by 8.7% compared to 2016 due to the expected increase in prices for products, the cause of which is the low yield of hazelnuts in Turkey in 2016. In 2017-2020 it is expected growth in imports by 12.3-3.0% per year. In 2020, the value of the indicator will be close to 263 thousand tons, which will exceed the level of 2015 by 13.2%.

“Analysis of the world market for hazelnuts in 2011-2015, forecast for 2016-2020” includes the most important data necessary to understand the current global market conditions and assess the prospects for its development:

Economy and population
Gross hazelnut harvest
Crop area and hazelnut yield
Hazelnut sales
Foreign and domestic trade in hazelnuts
Import and export of hazelnuts
Foreign trade prices for hazelnuts

The review provides current data for more than 100 countries of the world and a forecast for the 25 leading countries of the world market for hazelnuts.

Leading countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Georgia, Iran, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, United States of America, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Chile, Switzerland.

The review provides details on import-export by types of hazelnuts:

unshelled hazelnut
hazelnut with shells (in terms of purified)

In preparing the review used statistical information:

United Nations Statistics Division
National Agencies and Compendia
Index Mundi
International Trade Center
International Monetary Fund
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
World Trade Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Along with the official statistics, the review contains the results of BusinesStat research:

Analysis of open information on the hazelnut market
Survey of agricultural experts

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