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Analysis of the global market for hand tools with the engine in 2011-2015, the forecast for 2016-2020

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According to BusinesStat, in 2015 sales of hand tools with an engine in the world decreased by 1.5% compared to 2014 and amounted to 415.1 million units. The main reason for the recession was the weakening of the national currencies of many countries against the dollar and the reduced availability of these products. At the same time, representatives of the industrial segment of the market more often preferred to repair old tools and postponed the purchase of new tools “until better times.”

Since this product is widely demanded in various industries, in 2016, global sales of hand tools with an engine are expected to grow by 2.4%. In 2016, the figure will reach 424.9 million units. The further increase in sales will contribute to the implementation of infrastructure projects in developing countries. Such projects involve both housing construction and transport development. This will stimulate demand for appropriate hand tools.

As of 2015, imported products dominated the global sales of hand tools with a motor, which accounted for 52.8% of the total. The volume of hand tools imported by all countries of the world with an engine in 2015 amounted to 271.5 million units, which is 2.9% higher than the previous year.

Despite the growth in real volume, the value of imports of these products in 2014-2015 declined from 15.3 billion dollars to 14.9 billion dollars. The reason for the decline was the redistribution of demand for cheaper products. In the household segment, buyers are ready to purchase inexpensive products, since this segment does not imply a high intensity of using hand tools and does not require high quality. In 2015, the average price of imported supplies of hand tools with an engine decreased by 4.7% compared with 2014 and amounted to $ 55.23 per unit.

“Analysis of the global market for hand-held tools with an engine in 2011-2015, forecast for 2016-2020” includes the most important data necessary for understanding the current situation on the global market and assessing the prospects for its development:

Economy and population

Manufacture of hand tools with an engine

Sales of hand tools with engine

External and internal trade in hand tools with motor

Import and export of motorized hand tools

Foreign trade prices of hand tools with engine

The review provides current data for more than 100 countries of the world and a forecast for the 25 leading countries of the world market of hand tools with an engine.

Leading countries: China, USA, Germany, Russia, India, United Kingdom and other countries of the world.

The review provides details on the import-export of types of hand tools with the engine:

Pneumatic hand tools

Electric Motor Hand Tools

Other motorized hand tools

In preparing the review used statistical information:

United Nations Statistics Division


National Agencies and Compendia

International Trade Center

International Monetary Fund

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

World Trade Organization

Along with the official statistics, the review contains the results of BusinesStat research:

Analysis of open market information tools

Survey of market instruments experts

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