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Analysis of the world market of soluble wood pulp in 2011-2015, the forecast for 2016-2020

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From 2011 to 2015, sales of soluble wood pulp in the world increased by 38.3%: from 4.6 million tons to 6.4 million tons. Annually, sales in the world increased by an average of 8.5% compared to the previous year.

One of the priorities for the use of soluble wood pulp is the production of viscose fiber, demonstrating long-term steady growth. The reason for the increase in the production of viscose is the constant expansion of its scope: from sewing products to technical goods.

Under the influence of growing demand, the volume of soluble wood pulp production in the world increased by 40.0% in 2011-2015: from 4.8 million tons to 6.7 million tons. Production annually grew by an average of 8.9%.

The industry is actively undergoing renewal processes: enterprises with outdated material and technical base are being closed (quite a few of such cases were noted in Canada), new capacities are being introduced. The cost of raw materials is also decreasing: the production of soluble cellulose from early ripening wood produced on artificially grown plantations is becoming common. Large areas of artificial plantations of eucalyptus and araucaria (subtropical pine) are found in Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia and Portugal.

According to BusinesStat, in 2016-2020, the global production of soluble wood pulp will continue to grow - an average of 5.7% annually. In 2020, the value of the indicator will reach 8.8 million tons.

"Analysis of the global market for soluble wood pulp in 2011-2015, forecast for 2016-2020" includes the most important data necessary to understand the current global market conditions and assess the prospects for its development:

Economy and population

Production of soluble wood pulp

Sales of soluble wood pulp

External and internal trade in soluble wood pulp

Import and export of soluble wood pulp

Foreign trade prices of soluble wood pulp

The review presents current data for more than 100 countries of the world and a forecast for the 25 leading countries of the world market for soluble wood pulp.

Leading countries: USA, South Africa, China, India, Canada, Sweden, Austria and other countries of the world.

In preparing the review used statistical information:

United Nations Statistics Division


National Agencies and Compendia

Index Mundi

International Trade Center

International Monetary Fund

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

World Trade Organization

Along with the official statistics, the review contains the results of BusinesStat research:

Analysis of open market information for soluble wood pulp

Survey of forest and wood industry experts

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