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World and Russian market of OSB boards - 2016

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The marketing research of the OSB-plates market contains a comprehensive analysis of the global and Russian OSB-plates market by key parameters (production, foreign trade, consumption).

The analysis of the world market for OSB-plates presents data on the volumes of production, import and export in physical and monetary terms in the countries of Europe, North America and the CIS countries. The data are presented in dynamics over the past 10 years, the forecast of production, world import and export of OSB-plates for 2016 is given.

The market research of OSB-plates contains an analysis of the volume and structure of OSB imports on the Russian market, including geography by country of origin, by manufacturers, by importing companies. The report also discusses the export of OSB-plates to Russia, highlights the main Russian companies producing OSB-plates. Presents data on the markets for substitutes, suppliers of equipment for the production of OSB-plates.

The study contains a forecast of the development of the Russian market for OSB-plates for 2016-2018.


Analysis of the global market for OSB-plates:

Dynamics of world OSB production by regions and countries of the world;

Dynamics of world import of OSB by regions and countries of the world;

the dynamics of world OSB exports by region and country;

the dynamics of world consumption of OSB by region and country of the world;

forecast of the development of the global OSB market;

Analysis of suppliers of equipment for the production of OSB;

Analysis of global manufacturers of OSB;

Analysis of the import of OSB-plates to the Russian market:

import dynamics in value, weight and volume terms;

major supplying countries in the period 2008-2015;

main manufacturers-suppliers in the period 2008-2015;

customs prices on imported OSBs for the period 2007-2015;

Analysis of the Russian OSB market:

Dynamics of the Russian OSB market volume

analysis of the development factors of the Russian OSB market;

OSB market development forecast until 2018


In dollar terms, the volume of OSB panels imported into the Russian market in 2015 decreased by ***%. At the end of 2015, the import of OSB-panels amounted to *** million dollars.

The plans for 2016 are to increase the capacity of OSB-plates production in Poland; few production can increase in Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic, in other manufacturing countries, the production volume of OSB panels will remain at the same level.

In physical terms (tonnage), Russian imports in 2015 fell by ***% (to *** thousand tons).

At the end of 2015, Belarus became the leader in the supply of OSB-plates to the Russian market. Last year, according to Global Reach Consulting (GRC) estimates, the country exported about *** thousand cubic meters to the Russian Federation. m. OSB-plates.

In 2016, the activities started in 2009 will continue to involve federal-owned land plots in housing construction by providing the required number of land plots fully endowed with engineering infrastructure by the RHD Foundation.

According to GLOBAL REACH CONSULTING (GRC), consumption of OSB in Russia will grow due to imported products, as well as through the construction and commissioning of OSB plants in Russia.

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